Our Mission

Sweet Pea Gardening strives to build lasting relationships with our clients and gardens. We value craftsmanship and curiosity to enrich our service for our valued clients. 

Plants is our passion - from the tiny little wildflowers spotted on weekend hikes to the large vibrant annuals placed accordingly at the entrance to your home. There are unlimited options for making the most of your outdoor living space. 

Why do we do this?

There is no greater feeling than driving up to your beautiful home, tastefully surrounded by expertly placed plants, flowers and shrubbery. Having a well landscaped property can increase your property value by as much as 15%, not to mention that it can also lead to a faster re-sale time should you decide to sell. In fact, garden design and landscaping have the highest return on investment of anything you do to renovate your home. 

At Sweet Pea Gardening, we are constantly investing on training staff on the latest in garden designs and plant selection for our area. An expert gardener is more than happy to arrange an in-house consultation with you to find out exactly what your vision is for your outdoor space. 

What's New?

Picking Paths


My favorite space to create has always been the picking path. Flowers are great to see and smell, but how about taste and eat? We love to incorporate herbs and fruit plants to create a little something for all to enjoy. 

Is it spring yet?


Did anyone else miss out on getting their spring bulbs in last year due to the early snow? Let us help you catch up!

Upcoming Events


The Calgary Horticulture Society offers many different workshops and events for garden enthusiasts. Follow the below link to view their calender: